How do I use zeaLOG with Twitter?

zeaLOG allows you to update any and all of your logs by way of the handy dandy Twitter. Whether using your computer, phone, SMS, or carrier pigeon, keeping track and measuring up has never been easier. Just tell us your Twitter handle in your account settings and that's it.

You can designate one of your graphs as the default so you can type even less. To send an update to your default zeaLOG, just send public or direct message to @zeaLOGupdate followed by the value to enter.@zeaLOGupdate 20.5

We'll assume that the time of the entry is the time you tweeted. However, you can use another time by simply putting it your message.@zeaLOGupdate 1 yesterday

It is possible to add comments instead of time, but you can't do both. Just follow your entry with the comment instead of the time and we'll do the rest.@zeaLOGupdate 3.1 5K in the rain! I rule.

To enter information for a log that isn't your default, simply add the appropriate hash tag to your tweet. You can find the hash tag in the upper left corner next to the zeaLOG's title. If you own the zeaLOG, you can choose it yourself in the settings.@zeaLOGupdate 32 #waterworld@zeaLOGupdate 201 No more cookies! #poundage